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Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

2015 Data

International funding increased 9 percent to $33.8 billion in 2015, marking a new high for investment in financial inclusion. Funders said the greatest challenges they currently face are adapting their strategies and improving the range of funding instruments available, followed by the low performance of their portfolios.  


This Brief highlights findings from CGAP’s annual Cross-Border Funder Survey. New commitments in 2015 increased total funding for financial inclusion to $34 billion. Between 2013 and 2015, about one-third of funders decreased their portfolios, while the remainder maintained or increased their commitments.

This year’s Survey reports data from 54 funders who account for 74% of this year’s global estimate of total international funding for financial inclusion. It outlines financial instruments used, purpose of funding, type of funding, geographic allocation and more.
2014 Data

International funding for financial inclusion plateaued in 2014 at $31 billion after steadily increasing in previous years. The mix of public and private funding remained largely unchanged with public funding comprising 72 percent of the total.  But the pressing issue confronting the industry most commonly cited this year was global priorities, such as climate change and migration.  


After steadily increasing in previous years, international funding of financial inclusion is estimated to have plateaued at $31 billion in 2014.

Twenty-three funders participated in the 2015 survey, accounting for 66 percent of this year’s global estimate. Among the 21 funders who have reported annually, commitments grew by 3 percent in 2013 U.S. dollars, but marked a small decline in current exchange rates due to a weaker euro at the end of 2014.
Blog Series

What is the current landscape of financial inclusion funding, and what can we learn from the global trends? This blog series explores the data from the 2015 CGAP Funders Survey, completed in partnership with MIX.