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India's new financial infrastructure has been making headlines. We take a closer look at some key lessons to date.

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CGAP’s global scan on digital financial services interoperability explores what it takes to exchange payments effectively.


About CGAP

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor is a global partnership of 34 leading organizations that seek to advance financial inclusion. CGAP develops innovative solutions through practical research and active engagement with financial service providers, policy makers, and funders to enable approaches at scale. Housed at the World Bank, CGAP combines a pragmatic approach to responsible market development with an evidence-based advocacy platform to increase access to the financial services the poor need to improve their lives.


April 20, 2017
The digitization of value chain finance—financial services that flow to or through any point in a value chain—is changing the way smallholders access the financial tools necessary to invest in their farms, manage risk, and transact with markets. CGAP explores opportunities and emerging models in digital value chain finance.
April 19, 2017
Insights gained from Mystery Shopping exercises can be critical for regulators and supervisors charged with overseeing DFS markets.

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