2017 Funders Survey: Landscape for Financial Inclusion Funding

Conducted annually since 2008 and in partnership with MIX since 2012, the CGAP Funders Survey is the most comprehensive source of analysis on primary sources of international funding for microfinance and financial inclusion. The 2017 survey reports data from 23 funders and outlines financial instruments used, purpose of funding, type of funding (e.g. public, private), geographic allocation and more. What are the key takeaways from the data? Which countries are receiving the most funding? Are these investments making a difference? In this blog series, we look to the data for answers. 

Ugandan woman sewing
19 June 2018
Many countries with significant funding for women’s financial inclusion are seeing a widening gender gap. What does this mean for funders?
Rural and agricultural finance commitments by region
26 April 2018
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Global funding for rural finance has risen to nearly $5 billion. Are funds reaching communities with the greatest needs?
20 March 2018
Funding for financial inclusion in Africa has reached $4.7 billion, up 270 percent over the past several years. So which countries are getting the most funding? And are these investments making a difference?
02 January 2018
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Funder commitments to financial inclusion reached a historic high of $37 billion in 2016. See what else the latest CGAP funder survey reveals.