Aletheia Donald

Aletheia Donald is a development economist with over a decade of experience investigating what works to promote gender equality. She currently works as an economist at the World Bank’s Gender Innovation Lab within the Office of the Chief Economist for Africa and leads the Measures for Advancing Gender Equality initiative. Her research experience includes the study of poverty, social norms, labor, and methodological work on survey data collection. Before joining the World Bank, Aletheia was a research fellow at Harvard’s Evidence for Policy Design and Head of Research for the NGO Empower Dalit Women of Nepal. She holds a master’s degree in economics from Yale University and a Ph.D. in economics from Sapienza University.

By Aletheia Donald


Limited by Labor: Rural Women, Hired Labor and Financial Services

Rural women have less access than men to the labor they need to power their farms. This drives a gender gap in agricultural output and constrains women's incomes. Financial services could be part of the solution.