Careers at CGAP

Working at CGAP means an opportunity to learn about new trends and developments that affect access to finance, and to engage directly with the financial institutions, funding organizations, government policymakers and regulators, and other actors – including low-income clients themselves -- who are concerned about building inclusive financial systems. It is also an opportunity to interact and explore synergies with a broad range of development organizations that are focused on alleviating the many dimensions of poverty.

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Financial Sector Analyst (3 positions)

(Three locations: Washington, DC, USA; Nairobi, Kenya; Paris, France)

CGAP is recruiting an early-career Financial Sector Analyst to join CGAP’s expanding efforts in advancing financial inclusion for the poor. Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Research. Analyst will support research on a range of topics, such as technologies and emerging business models, customer insights and demand side studies, evidence of impact of financial services in the poor, policies and regulations of innovative financial service offerings, among others.
  • Support workstreams. Analyst will support one or more workstreams, potentially across different thematic areas, within CGAP’s overall work program. This will entail close work with several CGAP staff and consultants to deliver on shared goals and coordination among teams distributed geographically.
  • Collaborate with consultants. Analyst may engage with external consultants, either individuals or firms, as part of a team carrying out larger and/or more comprehensive analysis or research. This may involve support to develop terms of reference, coordinate meetings and/or review deliverables.
  • Communications. Analyst is expected to articulate compelling oral and written communications aimed at diverse stakeholders and audiences (providers, policymakers, researchers and funders). Analyst may support Communications Specialists in developing communications plans to translate insights generated from research into messages that influence target audiences in the private and public sectors.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders. Analyst will be part of teams with multiple external relationships with stakeholders involved in financial inclusion. Analyst will support teams in managing such relationships.
  • Coordinate team activities. Support projects through coordinating activities across multiple people and workstreams and carry out supporting administrative functions as needed.
  • Contribute to CGAP’s thinking. Monitor trends in financial inclusion research in both academia and private sector; identify new ideas, resources, and opportunities for the team. Participate in cross-functional CGAP teams and corporate work as required.

View job description and application instructions >>  Search "Financial Sector Analyst" or requisition number "6738".

Application deadline: April 14, 2020