woman holding a cell phone in her hand Photo courtesy of IDEO.org

More low-income individuals are generating digital footprints through their phones than ever before. This is accompanied by emerging evidence that data trails generated by poor people can be harnessed for developing inclusive financial services. This page covers the work CGAP is doing to unlock how data can be leveraged to catalyze financial services that reach poor and underserved people at scale and in a responsible manner. 

Customer Data Trails

The knowledge products covered here provide an overview of the landscape of data trails generated by low-income individuals, especially women as well as excluded segments. Through these products we uncover where and what data is available and on whom. 

Use of Data by Providers

The knowledge products covered highlight the opportunity that data opens within financial services. Specifically, how financial services providers can leverage data to design inclusive financial services by leveraging data to innovate, expand access, and improve services. 

Inclusive Data Ecosystem

These knowledge products cover how data sharing frameworks like Open Finance can help advance financial inclusion. They highlight how ecosystem-related factors like regulation and infrastructure can reduce provider barriers and spur innovation.