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Cash-In / Cash-Out for Rural Agent Networks

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IDEO Last Mile Money designers presented key findings in the rural-agent model, business viability, and the importance of women agents. A panel of experts also discussed the opportunities and challenges they have faced in delivering digital payments and services to rural customers. 

The wide reach of digital financial services can unlock life-changing opportunities for low-income consumers by helping them save, borrow, and receive remittances. But here’s a little secret about these digital services: their current ability to attract and serve new users largely depends on the expansion of old-fashioned physical interaction through agent networks, which is crucial in cash economies. In this episode, we explore the latest advances in agent networks and what they mean for the future of inclusive finance. 

Despite its success developing digital public infrastructure to enable inclusive financial development, India still faces challenges in bringing formal credit to rural and low-income households. A new app supported by CGAP aims to provide a solution.

Côte d'Ivoire's mobile money market is an excellent opportunity to reflect on whether market disruptions contribute to financial inclusion, given a recent revamp of mobile money business models in the country.
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