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Globally, 1.4 billion people don't have a bank account, let alone other financial services that many of us take for granted. But digitization and innovation are reshaping financial services and creating new opportunities to build a greener, more resilient and equitable world. New solutions and approaches are improving financial inclusion, bringing low-income and underserved people into the formal financial sector and improving their lives. Join us to hear from a wide range of technical experts, thought leaders, and financial service users as we explore new trends, controversies, and developments in inclusive finance.


This podcast was created by CGAP’s podcast production group (Andrew Johnson, Lamis Daoud, Jahda Swanborough, Peter ZetterliYasmin Bin-Humam, Sai Krishna Kumaraswamy and Gcinisizwe “Sizwe” Mdluli), and is a production of Volubility Podcasting

Past Podcasts


CGAP's privacy and consumer financial services expert David Medine discusses the risks that millions of low-income consumers face in developing countries as they start using digital financial services

What must providers do differently to make digital payments work better than cash for merchants and their customers? Peter Zetterli’s search for an answer led him to a surprising question: What if trying to be better than cash is the wrong approach?