Alice Nègre

Senior Financial Sector Specialist

Alice Negre works on CGAP’s guidance for financial inclusion funders. In recent years, Alice has focused on promoting a systemic approach to financial inclusion by adapting generic guidelines and training material to the financial industry. She recently helped author A Systemic Approach to Financial Inclusion, an eLearning Course for Funders which learners can sign up for.

In her 19 years working in financial inclusion, Alice has launched and managed a microfinance rating agency, advised governments, sat on the board of microfinance institutions and advised SME banks, supervised demand side surveys, and facilitated market-wide consultations. She has also evaluated the financial inclusion operations of various development agencies and trained and supported their staff. She authored case studies, technical toolkits, research papers on financial inclusion topics, related to market facilitation and aid effectiveness.

Alice graduated from ESCP, Paris. She lives in London and speaks French.

By Alice Nègre


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