Alison Fahey

Alison Fahey is a Policy Manager at J-PAL and manages J-PAL's Finance and Political Economy & Governance Sectors. In this role, she conducts outreach with foundations, governments, NGOs, and other organizations to disseminate evidence from J-PAL evaluations and helps organizations integrate evidence into the policy design process. She writes policy publications and helps forge new research partnerships to answer questions critical to poverty alleviation. She also leads policy dissemination efforts in the Middle East and North Africa.

By Alison Fahey


Ending Extreme Poverty: New Evidence on the Graduation Approach

SDG 1 is as exciting as it is daunting: End extreme poverty. The Graduation Approach has resulted in large and cost-effective impacts on ultra-poor households’ standard of living, ultimately enabling a sustainable transition to more secure livelihoods and an exit from poverty.