Anne Hastings

Anne Hastings has been in the leadership of Fonkoze – Haiti’s largest microfinance institution – since May 1996. Today, Fonkoze has 46 branches throughout Haiti and over 250,000 clients. In 2008, she was honored at the United Nations because of her commitment to the elimination of extreme poverty. She was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership by Duquesne University and was named a Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 by the Schwab Foundation. Anne serves on the Board of Directors of MiCRO, an innovative microinsurance facility targeting the poor. She is also a member of multiple Global Steering Committees related to microfinance.

By Anne Hastings


Standing Firm With Clients When Catastrophe Hits

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Fonkoze—Haiti’s largest MFI and the only one that offers catastrophe microinsurance to its 65,000 clients—faced more than 17,000 claims to review.