Arshi Aadil

Specialist, MSC

Arshi Aadil is a Specialist at MicroSave Consulting. She specializes in research-based projects, including various qualitative techniques and behavioral economic principles to design solutions for low- and middle-income consumers. She has designed G2P program implementation strategies and beneficiary-centric policies using behavioral economic principles. She has also developed inclusive identity and payment systems frameworks. She has worked across many themes, including financial inclusion, digital financial services, data privacy, gender, digital identity, and social protection and security in Asia and Africa. Arshi holds a post-graduate diploma in forestry management (PGDFM) from the Indian Institute of Forest Management.


By Arshi Aadil


How are Mobile Money Agents Protecting Customers’ Data in Uganda?

Recent qualitative research in Uganda conducted by CGAP and MicroSave Consulting (MSC) identified good practices for responsible agents in safeguarding their customers’ data and the role that providers can play in promoting these practices.