Azalea Carisch

Azalea Carisch is a Rural Microfinance Intern with MEDA who is currently based in Lusaka supporting Mobile Transactions on agent network monitoring and compliance.

By Azalea Carisch


Can Third-Party Providers Lead to New Business Models?

Until recently, Zoona, formerly known as Mobile Transactions could have been considered the best kept secret in Africa. Operating in Zambia on a shoe-string budget, they have been developing their own unique business model for electronic financial services slowly and with little media attention. Now, as of February 2012, this small company has secured investments from three big investors, Omidyar Network, ACCION Frontier Investments, and Sarona Asset Management. All three are banking on the fact that Zoona’s experience and innovative approach to serving a range of consumers situates them to fill crucial gaps in the mobile money transactions and payments market in Africa.