Barbara Magnoni

Barbara Magnoni is the president of EA Consultants, a development consulting firm dedicated to supporting initiatives that facilitate access to finance, markets and social protection for low income segments of the world’s population. She is the Client Value Project Manager for the Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK) Project, an initiative of the MicroInsurance Centre that seeks to understand 1) the value microinsurance products have to low-income clients and their families and 2) the business case for microinsurance among insurers and delivery channels.

By Barbara Magnoni


The Business Case for Customer Centricity

Generating greater value for customers is good for business. Research from a developed market context has found that customer retention leads to a decrease in operating costs, while a decrease in customer satisfaction leads to a decrease in return on investment.

Building a Toolbox for Bundling Services

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, could the bundling of credit with non-credit financial services be a viable solution for FSPs? EA Consultants designed and implemented a study with Crezcamos in Colombia to find out.

Responsible Bundling of Microfinance Services

Financial institutions serving the poor can offer a range of savings, insurance, and even nonfinancial products in addition to their core credit products. Bundling these products into one packaged sale can be a cost-effective distribution strategy and a means to differentiate the provider’s offering by its added value to clients.

Tech Relief for the High Cost of Field Research

Client-centered research can be expensive and logistically challenging. How can technology simplify this process?

Analyzing the Business Case for Youth Savings

Serving young clients can be difficult for banks driven by short-term profit goals. But capturing the youth market can help give financial service providers a competitive edge in the long-run.