Beatriz Marulanda

Beatriz Marulanda is the CEO of Marulanda Consultores. She headed the team that advised the Colombian Government in the design and implementation of Colombia’s financial inclusion policy, Banca de las Oportunidades. She was also part of the team that helped in the design of the payments strategy for Familias en Acción through deposits into savings accounts.

By Beatriz Marulanda


Who Should Pay for Banking Infrastructure in G2P Programs?

In 2006, 300 of Colombia's 1,100 municipalities had no access to banks. Now, 99% do. Incentives, while not enough to stimulate investment by private financial institutions in all remote areas, played a significant role in helping to build agent networks througout the country.

Familias en Acción: A Financial Inclusion Strategy

In this post, our guest bloggers discuss the Government of Colombia’s efforts to use Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs as a gateway to financial inclusion.