Bima offers mobile-delivered insurance in emerging markets. Launched in late 2010, Bima currently covers 8 million people across 11 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Paraguay, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Honduras.

Bima partners with mobile operators and insurance companies, connecting the two to provide insurance including life, health and accident cover via mobile phone. Bima also provides both parties with product development expertise, a dedicated distribution force, efficient customer service with rapid claims payment, and a seamless mobile insurance platform.

Seizing the opportunity presented by the boom in mobile phone usage in emerging markets, Bima’s innovative technology and distribution strategy enables low-income consumers to access simple, affordable financial services, sustainably and at scale. The firm has more than 1000 local employees, and its investors include specialist emerging markets investors Kinnevik and LeapFrog Investments, and international telecommunications operator Millicom International.