Caitlin Sanford

Caitlin Sanford is Director at Bankable Frontier Associates where she focuses on consumer insights and financial inclusion data and measurement.

By Caitlin Sanford


Is the Hunger Season Really the Sick Season?

For many smallholders, "the hunger season," when little can be harvested, is the worst time of the year. What financial and other tools might help farmers to better endure the rainy, sick, and hungry months?

A December Bonus for Mozambican Farmers

In the Smallholder Financial Diaries, currently underway in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Pakistan, a detailed view of the seasonal cycles that govern smallholder farmer’s lives is becoming clearer.

Using Demand-side Surveys to Segment Client Groups in Brazil

Using data from a national household survey in Brazil, we segmented Brazilian respondents into six categories: Financially Excluded; Unbanked Bill Payers; Selective Users; Privileged Agent Non-Users; Banked Bill Payers; and Agent Super-Users.

Do Agents Improve Financial Inclusion? Evidence from Brazil

With more than 400,000 agents, Brazil has one of the largest agent networks in the world, but their impact on financial inclusion is mixed.