Camilo Tellez-Merchan

Camilo Tellez-Merchan is a consultant whose work focuses on the use of the digital payments infrastructure in sectors such as energy, water and health. 

By Camilo Tellez-Merchan


The Proliferation of Digital Credit Deployments

This Brief provides an introduction to the fast-evolving landscape of digital credit and illustrates common features of this new digital finance offering.

Can Open APIs Accelerate the Digital Finance Ecosystem?

Open APIs have the potential to provide more opportunities to the financially excluded, allowing users to make and receive secure, convenient, and affordable payments.

Which Markets are Ready for Digital Finance Plus?

Innovative businesses are leveraging Digital Finance Plus to link poor communities with essential services. The success of these businesses is driven by multiple market factors. We explore which factors matter most based on a framework CGAP developed with McKinsey.

Seasonal, Unsteady Income Drives Economic Vulnerability in Brazil

Although nearly 30 million Brazilians have moved out of poverty and into the middle class in the last decade, millions remain vulnerable due to seasonal and unpredictable income patterns.

The Global Landscape of Mobile Microinsurance

Since 2010, two-thirds of all new mobile microinsurance products were launched in low-income countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. A number of these were by non-traditional players innovating through new channels and with new products.