Caren Grown

Caren Grown is Senior Director of the Gender Group at the World Bank. For the past seven years, she was Economist-In-Residence at American University and co-director of the Program on Gender Analysis in Economics. From 2011-20013, she was on leave from American University serving as Senior Gender Advisor in the Bureau of Policy, Planning and Learning at USAID and Acting Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, where she crafted the Agency’s Gender Equality and Female Empowerment policy and led efforts to ensure implementation in systems and programs. Formerly, she was Senior Scholar and Co-Director of the Gender Equality and Economy Program at The Levy Economics Institute at Bard College and Director of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Governance team at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). She is External Research Director of the UNU-WIDER program on aid effectiveness and gender equality, and a co-Principal Investigator of the Gender Asset Gap Project, based in India, Ghana, and Ecuador. Dr. Grown has authored several books and articles on gender issues in development, public finance, and trade.

By Caren Grown


Women’s Financial Inclusion: A Down Payment on Achieving the SDGs

Ensuring that women have access to formal financial services can help to address many of the economic gaps between men and women worldwide. World Bank Group's Gender Strategy puts women’s economic empowerment—and the financial services necessary to achieve it—high on the agenda.