Caroline Frank

Caroline Frank has worked in industries such as mobile for development, utilities (energy, water, and sanitation) in Africa, and impact investing, spanning from China to Singapore to the United Kingdom to Africa. She is an INSEAD MBA graduate, class of December 2012. She has worked for CGAP, the GSMA M4D Utilities and M4D Impact teams, Links4Life (a Bridges Fund Management company in the United Kingdom), and Chandler Education (Singapore). She has served as associate director of human resources for Education First (China). Frank currently works as a project manager for M-KOPA Labs in London.


By Caroline Frank


Testing the Waters: Digital Payments for Water and Sanitation

A growing number of water providers are experimenting with digital payments to reduce operational expenses and streamline service delivery. This paper extracts lessons learned from 25 water providers across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.