Caroline Pulver


Caroline Pulver is a freelance consultant, based in Nairobi. She has over 20 years of experience across 34 countries. She is a specialist in Government to Person Payments (G2P) for national-scale social protection programmes. Caroline's work supports poverty reduction through financial inclusion, concentrating on the needs of poor women and their families. She has consulted for Governments and Development Agencies across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and in the Caribbean.

By Caroline Pulver


Lessons From 4 Examples on the Leading Edge of Climate-Focused G2P

All G2P programs contribute to climate adaptation to some extent, with examples in India, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Philippines showing us how specific program design features can support greater climate adaptation for recipients and their households.

Climate-Focused G2P: Beyond Disaster Response

The current focus of G2P programs on emergency response is insufficient to support long-term climate change adaptation. Long-term adaptation must be considered, and designed into programs, to reduce intergenerational vulnerability to climate change.