Chloé Gueguen

Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion Advisor

With 10 years of experience in the digital and financial sectors across four continents, Chloé supports CGAP’s work on Women In Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods (WIRAL). Chloé’s whole career has been dedicated to supporting meaningful, gender-transformative digital innovations on their path toward impact and scale. In West Africa, Chloé oversaw Human-Centered Design (HCD) research projects to help agritech partners MyAgro and Wi-Agri better serve female smallholder farmers in Senegal and Ivory Coast. Besides CGAP, Chloé also advises the World Food Programme and previously worked with the IFC, DAI and GSMA to build the women's business case among various financial institutions and mobile network operators in the Middle East and Africa. Chloé holds a Finance MBA as well as a Master's degree in Business Management.


By Chloé Gueguen


In Senegal, Supporting Rural Women Starts with Reshaping Gender Norms

MyAgro partnered with CGAP and Dalberg Design to explore how they could expand their outreach to Senegalese women and weren’t surprised to learn that social norms were the number one barrier standing in their way.