Dave Kim

Dave Kim is a program officer on the Financial Services for the Poor team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He leads the team’s strategies on last mile distribution networks and financial health. Previously, Dave was the country program officer for Kenya and led the team’s product innovation strategy.

Prior to joining the Gates Foundation, Dave was a lead commercial inventor at ?What If! Innovation, a global innovation and design firm, and a management and strategy consultant with Opera Solutions in their New York and London offices. Dave holds a B.A. in anthropology from Cornell University.

By Dave Kim


Why Do CICO Agent Networks Matter and How Do We Promote Them?

More than a decade since the rise of digital finance, cash remains popular and the ability for people to move cash in and out of digital systems is still vital to financial inclusion. How can agent networks be expanded to fill this need?

Agent Networks: Vital to COVID-19 Response, in Need of Support

Digital payments are central to the global COVID-19 response, but the agent networks that distribute these funds are struggling to remain open. Here are three questions policy makers must answer to ensure agents reach as many people as possible.