David Watts

David Watts is the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Security for the State of Victoria in Australia. With a background as a private sector commercial lawyer, he is the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy’s lead on its Big Data and Open Data theme. He is a member of the UN Global Pulse Privacy Advisory Group and a key researcher at the Australian Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre.

By David Watts


Customer Due Diligence and Data Protection: Striking a Balance

If financial services providers are going to work together to improve customer due diligence, more flexibility will be required to exchange customers’ information responsibly.

Protecting Digital Financial Data: What Standard-Setters Can Do

A 2016 GPFI white paper highlighted privacy and data security risks in digital financial services, asking international financial Standard-Setting Bodies (SSBs) to pay attention. Why are they concerned, and what steps can SSBs take to improve data security?