Devika Verma

Independent Consultant

Devika currently supports the CGAP's workstream focused on the nexus of gender norms and financial sector regulations as well as CGAP's project on supply-side gender-disaggregated data for financial regulators and supervisors. She has research and project management experience with think tanks, non-profits, and private sector organizations across the themes of gender equity, financial inclusion, and climate action. As a researcher, she has contributed to technical and advocacy works on these issues and is passionate about bringing a nuanced gender lens perspective to global challenges with an aim to bring positive change at the policy level.

Devika holds a Master's degree in Global Affairs from New York University and a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Finance from the University of Delhi, India. 

By Devika Verma


Regulating Finance for Gender Equality: A New Approach

Financial regulators and market facilitators across the African continent have the opportunity to redefine financial sector policymaking, ensuring that gender inclusivity is at the heart of its economic agenda, beginning with these recommendations.