Emna Kallel

After the Tunisian revolution, in January 2011, Emna Kallel joined the new Ministry of Finance to help advance several projects aiming at modernizing the financial sector, including an ambitious project for microfinance. To join the Ministry, Emna put on hold her current job as Executive Director of Axis Capital, a Tunisian investment bank. Before joining Axis in 2008, she worked for the law firm Kallel&Associates, working on mergers/acquisitions and privatizations. Emna started her career by helping open Fitch Ratings in Tunisia; from 1996 to 2004, she was Fitch Ratings Tunis’ principal senior financial analyst, in charge of industry and trade companies both in Tunisia and Morocco.

By Emna Kallel


From Microcredit to Microfinance: Ambitions for Tunisia

After the revolution of January 2011, Tunisians experienced poverty at a level far more critical than official statements had suggested. Microfinance has quickly been identified as one of the tools that can help reduce inequalities, address exclusion, and strengthen the country’s economic fabric.