Eric Tyler

Eric Tyler is a research fellow with the think tank New America and co-founder of Globality, a social enterprise reaching entrepreneurs and organizations across more than 100 countries. Mr. Tyler focuses on the intersection of mobile technology, economic development and entrepreneurship. His current projects and research span four continents ranging from building apps distinguished by the White House to advising and researching mobile technology utilization in emerging markets. His writings have been published in print and online in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Foreign Policy Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, among other outlets. More information can be accessed on Mr. Tyler's personal website:

By Eric Tyler


Optimizing for the Next Billion Users

Across emerging markets, smartphone adoption is opening up an increasingly clear opportunity for multifaceted financial services. However, a range of technical constraints still hold some users back. Here are three ways to optimize for a more inclusive future.

Voice of the Customers: a Two-Way Dialogue in Digital Finance

The relationship between digital finance service providers and their customers is broken. How can the voice of customers be better integrated in digital finance business models?

Smartphone-Led Digital Finance: Three Areas to Watch

The rapid uptake of smartphones stands to enable a transformational opportunity for digital finance, also raises important questions concerning security and privacy.

How Responsible Is Digital Finance? 10 Global Insights

CGAP conducted a Global Pulse Survey among policy makers, financial service providers, consumer advocates and foundations to gauge perceptions of consumer risks within digital financial services.

From Social Protection to Financial Inclusion and Beyond

The idea that linking social protection payments to financial inclusion initiatives can reduce poverty is gaining increasing traction. In February of this year, CGAP published a paper on Social Cash Transfers and Financial Inclusion. In April, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held a workshop examining the potential of financially-inclusive electronic G2P payments. One of the core goals of the Better Than Cash Alliance, launched in September by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Citi, Ford Foundation, Omidyar Network, UN Capital Development Fund, USAID, and Visa Inc., is to reduce the reliance on cash for G2P and other transfers in order to improve the effectiveness of aid.