Estelle Darie-Rousseaux

Estelle Darie-Rousseaux is executive director of Amret, leading its strategic and digital transformation. Amret is one of the major microfinance institutions in Cambodia (520k Clients; US$1.2 billion loan portfolio) and the largest institution of the Advans network. She was previously the deputy COO for the Advans Group, where she drove key digital and rural finance innovations in the group. Estelle started her career in rural and agricultural development, before joining Advans. Between various assignments for the Advans Group headquarters supporting the development of nine greenfield microfinance institutions, she held various operational and managerial positions in a downscaling program in Romania, Advans Ghana Savings and Loans, and Advans Bank Tanzania (now Letshego Bank [T]).

By Estelle Darie-Rousseaux


Pitfalls in MFI Digitization: Underestimating Change Management

Microfinance institutions are often unprepared to manage the changes that come with digitization. The good news is that through effective change management, they can digitize successfully and generate value for themselves and their customers.