Genevieve Hennessy-Barrett

Genevieve runs the support departments in 4G Capital and is the steward of the impact areas of the business. An "air traffic controller" for the leaders and the senior team, Genevieve is an integrator, connecting and facilitating work streams, a trouble-shooter and a communicator, linking the leadership strategy to the broader organizational HQ, field teams and clients. Genevieve comes from a medical nursing and humanitarian background. Prior to joining 4G Capital, she ran a successful East African consultancy training professionals from security, business, the United Nations and NGOs on remote and hostile environment medicine in places such as DRC, South Sudan, Somalia and Mozambique. Genevieve attributes her calm, detail-orientated and people-focused approach to her past experience as a medical practitioner, working in high-pressure, life-and-death situations. Having lived in Kenya for seven years and Cape Town for one year, Genevieve is now based in Jersey, Channel Islands, with her husband Wayne and three children Finn, Milo and Eva.

By Genevieve Hennessy-Barrett


Is It Possible to Estimate Financial Stress Before It Harms Borrowers?

A tool piloted by CGAP and 4G Capital reliably measures changes in borrower behavior to detect financial stress. If stress indicators are found to predict future repayment, the tool could also serve as an early warning system for issues like default.