Geoffrey Manley

Geoffrey Manley has led the development and execution of CDC’s debt initiative for off-grid solar since 2016 after having spent four years in the CDC debt team working across various sectors. He brings to the sector more than 15 years of investment experience. Before joining CDC, he was a chief investment officer in the private sector operations department at the African Development Bank where he was responsible for leading teams in corporate and project finance transactions in a variety of sectors, including energy, agribusiness, and financial services. Previously, he was an associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and an analyst at Mercer Consulting. Mr. Manley has an MBA from HEC Paris.

By Geoffrey Manley


Taming the Strange Beasts: Servicing and the Future of PAYGo

Despite its tremendous promise, the PAYGo industry is still young and challenging. Entrepreneurs and investors should expect and prepare for some failures. To plan for the future and prepare for unpleasant contingencies, there needs to be more focus on loan servicing in the PAYGo sector.