Hartono Laras

Hartono Laras is the Director General for Social Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation at the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA). The Ministry of Social Affairs is implementing a program designed to “graduate” Indonesia’s poorest people out of extreme poverty and into sustainable livelihoods. The pilot of Kelompok Usaha Bersama for Program Keluarga Harapan beneficiaries (KUBE PKH) was launched in 2013 and draws on elements of the Graduation Approach. It brings together preexisting government programs (including conditional cash transfers, group business asset transfers, and access to savings) and adds a handholding element.

By Hartono Laras


Adapting the Graduation Model to Reach Indonesia's Ultra Poor

The Indonesian government is testing and adapting the Graduation Approach in both rural and urban areas, targeting women who have participated in existing programs. Here's what they have learned so far.