Helen Wernik

Financial Sector Consultant responsible for overall management of multiple research efforts associated with increasing financial access of millions of unbanked low-income Brazilians. Helen was a Consultant for the CGAP Technology Program in Brazil for over 2 years (2011 - 2013) and is currently consulting for Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA). She has experience conducting diagnostics which helps improve the understanding of Bolsa Família recipients’ needs and wants; and has been a speaker at national and international events and conferences providing first hand perspectives on financial inclusion. As a CGAP Consultant, Helen was responsible for liaising and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with different departments with the largest public sector bank in Brazil, Caixa Econômica Federal, as well as with government entities such as Central Bank of Brazil and the Ministry of Social Development.

By Helen Wernik


Seasonal, Unsteady Income Drives Economic Vulnerability in Brazil

Although nearly 30 million Brazilians have moved out of poverty and into the middle class in the last decade, millions remain vulnerable due to seasonal and unpredictable income patterns.

Designing Financial Products for “Bolsa Familia” Beneficiaries

Closer examination of the financial lives of the 13 million households receiving Bolsa Familia, shows huge variations in the way they manage their money. Although commonly grouped under the single heading of Bolsa Familia recipients, this part of Brazilian society is actually a collection of sub-groups with different financial needs and wants.

Brazil Launches Action Plan for Financial Inclusion Initiative

Princess Máxima highlighted the success of the Business Correspondent (BC) model in the country and its notable results in expanding access to financial services to all municipalities.