Hilman Palaon

Hilman Palaon is a Research Fellow at the Lowy Institute in Australia. Previously, he served as the Financial Inclusion and G2P Payment Specialist at the TNP2K. He successfully delivered the Indonesia National Financial Inclusion Strategy and reformed the disbursement of social protection programs. He led the collaborations with international institutions and conducted pilot projects to develop evidence-based policy advocacy. 

By Hilman Palaon


Digitizing G2P Payments: Lessons from Indonesia

Indonesia's digitization transformation for G2P payments showcases what can be achieved when strong government commitment and collaboration are combined with advanced technologies.

The Case for Branchless Banking in Thousand Islands, Indonesia

In Thousand Islands, Indonesia, financial access is virtually nonexistent. Since most residents have mobile phones, the introduction of branchless banking could bridge the access gap and help improve the lives of the islands' residents.