Isabelle Barres

Isabelle Barrès works on CGAP’s guidance for MFI digital transformation. Recently, Isabelle has focused on promoting responsible and sustainable digital finance by adapting consumer protection guidelines to fintechs and pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) models and by contributing to the green inclusive and climate smart finance agenda.

In her over 20 years working in financial inclusion, Isabelle has co-founded a global information platform for financial inclusion, developed the portfolio of the first global person-to-person (P2P) fintech company for financial inclusion, and led a global financial consumer protection campaign. Her work has focused on promoting transparency, highlighting blind spots and promoting concrete actions to reduce risks and improve livelihoods.

She has advised governments, financial service providers and investors, led the development of industry standards and frameworks to implement change, led industry-wide dialogue and collaboration, and sat on the boards of numerous initiatives to promote a double and triple bottom line. She has authored various publications on financial inclusion topics related to consumer protection and digitization.

By Isabelle Barres


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