Jacobo Menajovsky

Jacobo Menajovsky is a data scientist and digital behaviorist consultant with international experience in developing predictive analytics and delivering data-driven solutions for banks, credit card companies, microfinance organizations, telecoms and retailers.

By Jacobo Menajovsky


Algorithm Bias in Credit Scoring: What’s Inside the Black Box?

Computers can make faster, better, and less biased lending decisions than humans, but only if human bias hasn’t crept into their algorithms.

Those Star-Ratings Do Matter for Financial Inclusion

CGAP recently partnered with MercadoLibre, Latin America’s largest online retailer, to assess the potential of alternative data to boost financial inclusion. This research found that e-commerce data can be a powerful credit risk predictor for underbanked and unbanked people.

Using Data to Better Understand Savings Needs of Customers

The use of data to drive management decisions and product design is well known in the financial sector. Today, most commercial banks utilize data analysis to support their decision-making.