Jessica Schicks

Jessica is a research fellow at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB.

By Jessica Schicks


Over-Indebtedness in Microfinance – Who Should Bear the Risk?

While microfinance products and lending methodologies vary significantly on the ground, two main features of microfinance have made this enormous expansion of access to finance possible: microlending has become scalable due to cost efficient operating models and due to risk management methodologies that ensured high repayment rates.

Refocusing on Client Experiences and Their Struggles

By learning to better protect customers struggling with their debt, we will automatically improve the risk management and thus portfolio quality of MFIs.

Too Much Microcredit? A Survey of the Evidence on Over-Indebtedness

This paper is written primarily for microlenders and the institutions that fund them. We examine conceptual issues and the limited empirical evidence about over-indebtedness in microcredit markets.

Over-Indebtedness and Impact

We should not expect the over-indebtedness definition to solve the impact debate just in passing by.

Microfinance Over-Indebtedness

Whether to protect the social impact on customers or the institutional viability of MFIs, over-indebtedness is crucial to all parties involved.