Jonathan Bauchet

By Jonathan Bauchet


Responsible Bundling of Microfinance Services

Financial institutions serving the poor can offer a range of savings, insurance, and even nonfinancial products in addition to their core credit products. Bundling these products into one packaged sale can be a cost-effective distribution strategy and a means to differentiate the provider’s offering by its added value to clients.

Details Matter: Why Isn't Insurance More Popular?

Formal insurance products designed for poor households could theoretically provide critical protection against high-impact events that can push a household deeper into poverty, or send it back into poverty when it manages to lift itself up.

Latest Findings from Randomized Evaluations of Microfinance

This paper reviews the main results from randomized evaluations that measure the impact of microcredit and microsavings on business investment and creation, consumption, and household well-being. It also presents evidence from evaluations of products and delivery design and discusses the evidence on microinsurance products.