Joyita Mukherjee

By Joyita Mukherjee


The Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest: A Microfinance Program

Microfinance is defined as the provision of credit, savings, and financial services to very poor people. Providing these services to very poor households creates opportunities for the poor to create, own, and accumulate assets and to smooth consumption.

Savings Mobilization Strategies: Lessons from Four Experiences

Around the world, poor households save in various forms and for various purposes. Although empirical evidence suggests that the poor would deposit if appropriate financial institutions and savings facilities were available, little progress has been made to establish microfinance institutions (MFIs) as full-fledged financial intermediaries.

State-Owned Development Banks in Microfinance

The vast majority of successful MFIs are private, nongovernment entities that run on sound business principles.

Introducing Savings in Microcredit Institutions: When and How?

Voluntary deposits as a source of commercial finance for microcredit institutions, has generated a lot of interest and debate in recent years.