Julie Abrams

By Julie Abrams


Crisis Roadmap for Microfinance Institutions: COVID-19 and Beyond

This practical guide describes steps that microfinance institutions can take to navigate the COVID-19 health pandemic and prepare for future crises.

Appraisal Guide for Microfinance Institutions

This publication includes a technical guide with essentials for an appraisal; a resource manual; and a spreadsheet to generate summary tables.

MFI Capital Structure Decision Making: A Call for Greater Awareness

This Brief summarizes the study's findings and makes recommendations about ways we can work toward optimizing MFI balance sheets.

Appraisal Guide for Microfinance Institutions: Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is a companion piece to Appraisal Guide for Microfinance Institutions. The Appraisal Format consists of detailed instructions and Excel spreadsheets to guide an experienced microfinance analyst through a qualitative, institutional evaluation of a relatively mature MFI.

The Market for Foreign Investment in Microfinance

Many microfinance institutions (MFIs) in developing and transition economies have received foreign funding, especially the larger MFIs. Most of that funding has consisted of grants or highly subsidized loans from donor agencies, including such bilateral donors as Agence Française de Développement or the US Agency for International Development, and multilateral agencies such as the United Nations Development Programme or the World Bank.