Karla Brom

Karla Brom is an international banking and finance expert with over 20 years of experience. She has been advising and training on the topic of microfinance and financial risk management since 2001, working with ACCION, ATTF/ADA, Banyan Global, CGAP, Citi's Global Microfinance Group, EFSE, EBRD, Grameen Foundation, the IFC, MEDA, Mercy Corps, SEEP and Women's World Banking. 

By Karla Brom


A Roadmap for MFIs to Analyze Volatility of Savings Portfolios

In the past five years, the microfinance community has encouraged microfinance institutions (MFIs) to broaden the scope of product offerings for their clients beyond microcredit, especially by offering savings products. However, in the microfinance sector, quantitative analysis of depositor behavior and aggregate savings balances is still nascent. Instead of using a savings volatility analysis to determine potential withdrawals, MFIs often estimate the amount of savings that should be held in cash or liquid assets, or they simply follow guidelines from regulators, funders or global networks.

Asset and Liability Management for Deposit-Taking MFIs

Even the most mature microfinance institutions (MFIs) need to pay attention to their balance sheet to manage financial risks.