Loretta Michaels

By Loretta Michaels


Delivering Technology Solutions to Susu Collectors

Susu collectors are one of the oldest financial services in Africa. Based largely in Ghana and Nigeria, they visit clients on a regular basis (often daily), collecting very small deposits over the course of a month. This post examines a Ghanaian susu solution which involves a POS device which prints a receipt for the customer and transmits the information back to the susu company’s home office IS system for real-time reconciliation.

Can Mobile Money Support Post-Conflict Development?

There's been a great deal of excitement over the last few years regarding the potential for mobile money to solve a host of development problems. An increasing number of post-conflict countries are all experimenting with or thinking about mobile money implementations. In addition to the normal issues and challenges facing policymakers and service providers, post-conflict and post-disaster countries face additional problems that merely serve to exacerbate the overall challenges with mobile money.