Louis De Koker

Louis de Koker is a CGAP consultant and professor of law at La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University, Australia. He was the program lead in law and policy of the Australian government-funded Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (2014-19), the founding director of the Centre for the Study of Economic Crime of the University of Johannesburg (2001-08) and the executive officer of the Centre for Business Law at the University of the Free State (1994-99). His financial inclusion scholarship focuses on managing the relationship between financial inclusion and anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing objectives, especially in relation to customer data.

By Louis De Koker


FATF's Proposed Rules for Payments: Balancing Integrity and Inclusion?

As the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) seeks feedback for its revised Recommendation 16, or "travel rule", it is imperative to consider potential impacts on the financial inclusion of low-income customers.

A Vision for Collaborative Customer ID Verification in Africa

Technology has the capacity to improve financial inclusion in Africa, but this value can be unlocked only if African leaders reduce the burden of customer ID checks.

Beyond KYC Utilities: Collaborative Customer Due Diligence

CGAP has developed a typology to help policy makers and financial service providers evaluate the financial inclusion potential of a new range of collaborative approaches to customer due diligence to combat money laundering and terror financing.

Collaborative Customer Due Diligence: New Ways Forward

Financial services providers, regulators and financial intelligence agencies around the world are working more closely together on customer due diligence, often with the help of new technologies. How can financial inclusion benefit?

Customer Due Diligence and Data Protection: Striking a Balance

If financial services providers are going to work together to improve customer due diligence, more flexibility will be required to exchange customers’ information responsibly.