Mathilde Girard

Mathilde Girard joined the CDC off-grid team after more than seven years in developing innovative financial solutions for environmental and social projects both at GreenWish Partners, an energy company active in the development of utility scale on-grid projects and off-grid solutions for the telecom sector in Africa, and at Credit Agricole CIB, where she participated in the issuance of more than US$50 billion in Green Bonds and the fundraising of more than US$150 million for impact investment vehicles. She has a Master in Finance from ESCP Europe and is a CFA Charterholder.

By Mathilde Girard


Taming the Strange Beasts: Servicing and the Future of PAYGo

Despite its tremendous promise, the PAYGo industry is still young and challenging. Entrepreneurs and investors should expect and prepare for some failures. To plan for the future and prepare for unpleasant contingencies, there needs to be more focus on loan servicing in the PAYGo sector.