Misha Sharma

Misha Sharma is a Project Manager at IFMR Lead. She works with the Financial Inclusion team and is currently leading projects based out of South India evaluating the impact of access to finance on the overall well-being of rural poor. Her research work primarily focuses on studying alternative channels of financial services for the poor in developing nations. Prior to this, Misha worked with Goldman Sachs as an Operations Analyst. Misha holds a Masters Degree in Economics from University of Edinburgh and a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Stella Maris College, Chennai. 

By Misha Sharma


Digital Social Payments in India: Can the Challenges Be Overcome?

Envisioned as a digital revolution for government transfers, India's Direct Benefit Transfer program transfers government benefits into recipients' bank accounts. Three years in, the government continues to face challenges in digitizing transfers. Is there a way forward?

Revitalizing the Self-Help Group Movement in India

Growth of the self-help group movement in India has slowed in the past five years. How can challenges be overcome to improve and revitalize these programs?