Mohammed Khaled

By Mohammed Khaled


Hopes for More Financial Inclusion in the Arab World

For the Arab World, 2011 was historic. The year brought much hope and a sense of opportunity as Arabs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf saw the possibility of a future without dictatorship, corruption and hypocrisy – the reasons underlying the poverty, unemployment, and political grievances which sparked the Arab Spring.

Microfinance and the Arab Spring

Since the beginning of 2011, a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests have been taking place in the Arab world. These events have created some challenges and opportunities for the microfinance sector and the financial inclusion agenda in the region.

Islamic Microfinance Challenge: A Summary

A business model for Islamic microfinance: what does it need?

New Policy Framework for Inclusive Finance in Jordan

In January 2005, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) in Jordan formed a Microfinance Committee to prepare, with technical support from CGAP and through a consultative and participatory process, the first national strategy for microfinance in the Arab world.

Should Successful Arab MFIs Expand their Role Post the Revolution

Here we are with an MFI which has to prepare itself for a new era where, for the first time, there is serious talk about new microfinance law/regulations.