Natalia Pecorari

Economic Analyst

Natalia Pecorari is a Consultant who works on data analytics with CGAP’s gender team. A dual Argentine and Italian national, Natalia is based in Argentina, where she received her Ph.D. in Economics from the Universidad Nacional del Sur. Natalia also holds a Master’s in Insurance and Risk Management from the MIB School of Management in Trieste, Italy.  Natalia brings a keen interest in financial inclusion, coupled with deep knowledge of indicator consolidation, econometric modeling, and analysis, as well as experience drafting World Bank Country Gender Action Plans.  

By Natalia Pecorari


Decoding Financial Inclusion Gaps Between Young Men and Women

A recent CGAP study revealed a gender gap in financial service adoption among youth in low-income countries. Here, we analyze Findex 2021 data to better understand the factors driving these disparities.

How Do Gender Gaps in Financial Inclusion Link to Economic Indicators?

The Global Findex 2021 shows that while the gap in account ownership between men and women is closing in some countries, there are still significant regional differences. We explore four factors that might impact the gender gap in account ownership.