Nicky Khaki

Nicky Khaki was a consultant with CGAP through August 2021 and led CGAP’s work developing metrics and reporting standards for the PAYGo solar industry. Nicky has over fifteen years of professional experience across private equity, venture capital, impact investing, and corporate finance in the U.S. and in Africa. He lives in Johannesburg where he is a partner at Gluon, a private investment company.

Nicky holds a Master’s degree in International Economics and International Development from Johns Hopkins and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Virginia.

By Nicky Khaki


As PAYGo Solar Matures, Funders Can Do More to Close the Energy Gap

Pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar has enabled energy access for around 27 million customers. Funders can help PAYGo providers further close the energy access gap — while advancing financial inclusion — by focusing on these priorities for the sector.

PAYGo PERFORM: Financial, Operational, and Portfolio Quality KPIs for the PAYGo solar industry

With the help of 600 colleagues from the PAYGO offgrid solar sector, a new set of 36 standard metrics covering portfolio quality, unit and firm-level economics, and company operational indicators are available today.

How a New Set of Metrics Is Poised to Transform PAYGo Solar

The PAYGo PERFORM Key Performance Indicators offer a pathway to growth and maturity for the off-grid solar industry.