Nicole Pasricha

Based in Montreal, Canada, Nicole Pasricha is a sustainability and finance expert with more than 16 years of experience in development finance and impact investing, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and financial inclusion. Most recently, Nicole supported the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds (“CIF”) to model the indirect economic impacts of its cleantech portfolios, and as the first head of impact at FinDev Canada, Nicole designed and launched its development impact framework. Previously Nicole has held roles at the Rainforest Alliance, MEDA, and CGAP.

Nicole holds an M.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University, bachelors' in business administration and political science from the University of Florida and is an alumnus of the Kinship Conservation Fellows program.

By Nicole Pasricha


Inclusive Finance Can Help the World Achieve COP26 Goals – Here’s How

Amid the talk of national climate plans, net zero timelines, and the Paris rulebook, we should not forget about the need for practical tools — including financial services — that enable low-income populations to participate in the climate transition.

How Financial Services Can Help the Poor in the Climate Transition

Early evidence suggests that the financial sector could play a key role in helping low-income people prepare for and participate in climate transition. However, greater coordination among funders and other sector stakeholders is needed.

G2P Payments for Flood Victims in Pakistan

Within just a few weeks this past fall, United Bank Limited (UBL) in Pakistan was able to design, procure, and distribute over one million VISA debit cards to the flood-affected citizens of Pakistan following the devastating flood.

Funding Microfinance Technology

This Donor Brief offers guidance on how to ensure microfinance providers follow good investment and management principles when choosing and implementing new technologies.