Pablo García Arabéhéty

Pablo García Arabéhéty formerly worked at CGAP as was the Regional Representative for Latin America & the Caribbean. He worked in the intersection of mobile technologies, business model innovation and development, specializing in mobile enabled financial services for lower income people as well as on the economics and governance of network sharing. During the last 10 years he has collaborated in research and implementation projects with international organizations and development banks, in addition to start-ups, SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies.

By Pablo García Arabéhéty


Proximity Matters: Five Case Studies in Closing the CICO Gap

Learn about the innovative approaches that policy makers and providers are taking to build rural agent networks in Brazil, India, Mexico, and Tanzania.

Transactions Want to Be Free

Imagine a world where anyone could move money instantly across providers at no cost. Three trends are making free transactions more likely today than ever before.

Digital Finance Interoperability & Financial Inclusion

Interoperability—the ability for different systems to connect with one another—is attracting a lot of attention among digital finance experts. This Working Paper presents findings from a 20-country scan conducted in 2016 to assess the state of interoperability in select markets around the world.

Those Star-Ratings Do Matter for Financial Inclusion

CGAP recently partnered with MercadoLibre, Latin America’s largest online retailer, to assess the potential of alternative data to boost financial inclusion. This research found that e-commerce data can be a powerful credit risk predictor for underbanked and unbanked people.

The Replication Limits of M-Pesa in Latin America

Is the challenge of replicating the success of the M-Pesa model in Kenya more about implementation and management or about context and market structure? In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), the evidence points to context.