Paul Enrico Neumann

Paul Enrico Neumann is an economist and senior monitoring and evaluation (M&E) expert at Nathan Associates with experience in designing and managing M&E frameworks for large aid programs. Mr. Neumann worked on the segmentation analysis of CGAP’s national survey data and financial diaries to better understand the financial behavior of smallholder farmers and to identify viable business opportunities for financial services providers. He is also the M&E lead for DFID’s Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique program and DFID’s Private Enterprise program Zambia, where he works closely with the local program M&E teams to implement DCED-compliant results measurement frameworks. As a former member of the evaluation team on DFID’s £500 million Girls Education Challenge, he has advised grantees on the implementation of large household surveys that follow robust methodologies to establish attributable impact such as randomized control trials and quasi-experimental designs.

By Paul Enrico Neumann


Smallholder Households: Distinct Segments, Different Needs

CGAP research identifies three segments of smallholder households and uses data from nationally representative surveys of smallholder households to outline recommendations on high-value financial solutions.

High-Saving Youth in Smallholder Households: An Untapped Market

Financial service providers can leverage the strong savings habits of youth in smallholder families and their access to mobile phones to develop digital products that better meet their needs and aspirations.